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Hawaii Modernism


For those of you who don’t know what mid-century modern is, it refers to modern design in the middle of the twentieth century (1940s to 1970s) with the essence of the design fabricated in 1950s. This design spread throughout the world, including Hawaii.

Mid-Century modern design’s focus, minimalism, took the world by surprise with a less-is-more attitude. Designers world wide were coming up with repetitive patterns and script text combination for building facades. Here’s a mid-century modern building facade erected in the 1950s in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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I’m a Sinner; Please Come Upon My Body and Into My Heart


Sinner…now there’s one powerful word, a connotation carnival, an appellation of guilt with King Lear ramifications. This words wrapped in a heart become an oxymoron of faith.

Salvation Mountain, in Niland, California, is the wasteland’s capitol, deep in trailer park territory winning over the lost and the curious.
The mountain of adobe mixed with hay piled up as a religious shrine juxtaposes  the  “free land” zone for all the Alexander Supertramps of the world.
Don’t skip this place, a Salton Sea area destination.


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El Genio de Baghdad

Is Baghdad making a comeback?

Is Baghdad making a comeback?

The banks of the Tigris River wind through a new spirited landscape where residents now enjoy new restaurants and a little drink every now and then.

The last time I ran this image of Baghdad was in 2006, nearly nine years ago. It’s hard to believe how much time can pass by, time filled with car-bombs, suicide vests and other signs of war, war that shook the world, bringing forth the ugly ISIS aftermath.

Take a time-machine back to when Baghdad was a city of intrigue and wonder–Arabian Nights and antiquities, stories of one thousand and one nights that brightened the Tigris with the dawn of the Golden Age of Islam. Enhanced literary text– repetitive designation and self-fulfilling prophecy–plumed out of a bottle, turning literature into anticipation.

There’s sure to come a time when the ancient land upon which Baghdad sits becomes a revered travel destination.

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