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14.7 MP Touch Screen Camera

samsung-tl34hd1PC World/Washington Post came out with a review of an interesting point-and-shoot camera yesterday. The camera, a Samsung TL34HD, has a minimal number of buttons, leaving most of the settings within the realm of the touchscreen.

At 14.7 MP this camera is pixel-heavy.  With that many pixels tucked into a 1.49 cm CCD sensor is not that great a thing. Your image is bound to lose quality when you look at it at 100 percent resolution on your computer screen, which means that, if you print big, your image won’t be all that clear. Nice thing about this camera is that it’s small and and can shoot at a wide angle.

The reviews on the camera haven’t been all that great. At $300, it’s not all that good a buy.

Here’s some other specs on the camera:

Shutter speed range in Manual Mode–1/2000 to 16 seconds

ISO speeds– up to 3200

Metering–Multi, Spot, Center-Weighted, Face Detection

Lens–28 mm, 3.6 x zoom

Video–30 fps, 720p resolution

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