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Blog Review Monday

pioneer-womanNewsOK puts a cowboy-cookin,  pioneer women into its pages, celebrating her soon to be  award-winning blog, The Pioneer Woman. Now this woman doesn’t fool around when she puts together her blog. She’s got just about every feature on her blog meticulously planned.

The top tabs on her blog include: confessions, cooking, photography, home and garden and home schooling. Now those features might sound mightly drab, but this woman spices up everything she does. Her avatar includes the fact that she’s a desperate housewife; she has a chapter-by-chapter slice-of life memoir that refers to as “Harlequin Romance meets Green Acres meets The Godfather;” and  she bakes cupcake pops.

Most importantly especially for the purposes and goals of this blog is that she is a photographer who takes unbelievable pictures of food among other things. As far as her photography is concerned it’s not technically perfect, but her advice is right on for beginners. Last is her never-use-flash mantra. I’ll drink (a mineral water) to that!

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