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Canon 5D Mark II–How Much Is Too Much?

canon-5d2I have a Canon 5D (2005 model) and while it’s not perfect, it certainly has given me some winning shots that I’m very proud of. At 12 MP it seems certainly adequate for my needs (images published in photography books).

The new Canon 5D Mark II, which is reviewed today in the Sydney Morning Herald has a whopping 21 MP. Now how much is too much? If you’re blowing up  images that are 21 MP, you can get them sharp when they are wall-sized. Sharp wall-sized photos sound great, but in order to get them you’d need extra software  (other than Photoshop) on your computer so it could process the big files that the camera will create. At 21 MP your Raw files will be humongous, eating up all the space on your computer. And processing them would take forever even with a good computer with lots of RAM.

This new camera has one great feature–a full HD movie mode, something that I would want because I’m interested in posting some book promotion videos on YouTube. Other features of the camera include: full-frame CMOS sensor; ISO 100-6400 (which is expandable) and  live view (so that you see your the picture you’re about to take on the LCD screen).

You can get the camera for $2,700 on Amazon, which isn’t a bad price.

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