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Robert Frank’s Forbodeing World

A photo similar to what Robert Frank might take.

A photo similar to what Robert Frank might take.

The woman in this picture had been stricken with some sort of ailment. Robert Frank took similar foreboding images all across America. More Robert Frank photos are here.

There’s a new $75, 506-page edition of Robert Frank’s  book–The Americans– that the LA Times has just reviewed. Frank  traveled over 10,000 miles across the United States in the middle of the 20th century, often finding photo ops that spelled out a seamy underside of American life. The review summarizes some of  Frank’s life as a photographer who has “revealed the darkness behind the post-World War II euphoria.”

At the time critics shunned Frank’s work. Today the work is part of a National Gallery of Art exhibition about the photographer.

Frank was also a filmmaker. He made “Pull My Daisy” in 1959 with with well-known celebrities of the beat generation.

Robert Frank is still around. I’m one admiring photographer that would love to meet him!

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