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Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Lonely West

Don’t ya just love a good ole ghost town? This spooky little place is 2 Guns, Arizona, a picture perfect photo op. This place is purported to be the location of a battle between the Navajo and Apache Indian tribes in the 1800s. It later became a crossing point over Canyon Diablo. More recently it […]

Blog Review Monday

NewsOK puts a cowboy-cookin,  pioneer women into its pages, celebrating her soon to be  award-winning blog, The Pioneer Woman. Now this woman doesn’t fool around when she puts together her blog. She’s got just about every feature on her blog meticulously planned. The top tabs on her blog include: confessions, cooking, photography, home and garden […]

Robert Frank’s Forbodeing World

The woman in this picture had been stricken with some sort of ailment. Robert Frank took similar foreboding images all across America. More Robert Frank photos are here. There’s a new $75, 506-page edition of Robert Frank’s  book–The Americans– that the LA Times has just reviewed. Frank  traveled over 10,000 miles across the United States […]