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San Diego Zoo Disappoints

One good photo op at the San Diego Zoo

One good photo op at the San Diego Zoo

Supposedly one of the best zoos in the world is the San Diego zoo. I beg to disagree. I’ve been to zoos all around the world and I’d rank the San Diego zoo as one of the worst, for photographers that is.

The zoo has all the best animals either caged off or behind dirty glass.  Most of the birds are in large cages with the steel wires weaved so tightly that you can’t even see the best birds much less photograph them. The glass fronts of the polar bear and chimp enclosures had so many reflections that my pictures ended up looking like weird   collages with only a faint picture showing up of the animal I was photographing.

Two years ago,  I named the Yangon Zoo in Myanmar as the best zoo in the world. There, you can feed the hippos sugar cane. You can come within 15 feet of giant birds of prey–no glass or steel obstructing them. They have string tied from a platform  to their tarsus. Freedom reigns for most animals in this zoo because the enclosures are huge.

Not all of the practices are humane in Yangon, but neither is leaving animals in such small enclosures as those found in the San Diego zoo.

At $35 the zoo is not worth it.

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