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The Lonely West

twitter-backgroundDon’t ya just love a good ole ghost town? This spooky little place is 2 Guns, Arizona, a picture perfect photo op.

This place is purported to be the location of a battle between the Navajo and Apache Indian tribes in the 1800s. It later became a crossing point over Canyon Diablo. More recently it became Two Guns, named after one of the proprietors of the place.

There used to be someone on site to keep the graffiti artists in check. He has disappeared, leaving the place wide open to shutterbugs (and graffiti artists).

I got this shot a couple of years ago on my trip from Palm Springs CA to El Paso TX. That trip across the West was one of my most rewarding photography shoots. I toured Montana by Greyhound bus. That was not only a great photo shoot, also, but a great way to see how the lower socioeconomic classes in America travel. I want to go through Wyoming next.

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