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Blog Review Monday

That’s right, you’ve found it here. The only blog that lists the 2009 Webbies with links!

The Bloggies (Weblog Awards) were announced last week.

The blog we wrote about last week, The Pioneer Women, won top honors.

Many of the blogs that won look no better visually than the one you are reading right now. One thing is for sure…the winners have very well-focused content.

The only one that I think warrants the winning prize is the Pioneer Women. The rest, well, they’re okay, but not the best I’ve seen on the Web.

Here are the  winners and their links.

Weblog of the Year: Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

Lifetime Achievement Award: Fark

Best Web Application for Weblogs: Google Reader

Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog: Girl With a Satchel

Best Asian Weblog: Suzy’s Big Adventure

Best African Weblog: Glad to Be a Girl

Best European Weblog: Chocolate and Zucchini

Best Latin American Weblog: A Canuck in Cancun

Best Canadian Weblog: Everybody Likes Sandwiches

Best Photography of a Weblog: Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

Best Art, Craft or Design Weblog: PostSecret

Best Food Weblog: Cake Wrecks

Best Fashion Weblog: Go Fug Yourself

Best Travel Weblog: Camels & Chocolate

Best Music Weblog: Stereogum

Best Gossip Weblog: Dlisted

Best Entertainment Weblog: Television Without Pity

Best Sports Weblog: Fat Cyclist

Best Politics Weblog: Five ThirtyEight

Best Computer or Technology Weblog: Lifehacker

Best Topical Weblog: Cute Overload

Best Teen Weblog: Foodie at Fifteen

Best Humorous Weblog: I Can Has Cheezburger?

Best Writing on a Weblog: Cake Wrecks

Best Microblog: One Sentence

Best Group Weblog: Gawker

Best Community Weblog: I Can Has Cheezburger?

Best-Designed Weblog: Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

Best-Kept Secret Weblog: Pistols and Popcorn

Best New Weblog: Cake Wrecks

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