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Blog Review Monday

photocritic_reviewAhhh, here it is Monday again…and it’s time for 101 Quick and Easy Secret’s blog review.

Today’s fascinating blog is Photocritic.org.

THE LAYOUT I’d give it a 8. The blog owner, Haje, has a good eye. He places images and text so the blog looks appealing overall, however he has too much repetition on the Home Page. He has three areas where you can click on links to various articles on his blog. Grant it, each area pulls up different posts–at the very top of the Home page are image links, next to the large avatar are titles and image links and strewn across the center of the Home page are featured articles with titles, image and summaries.

CONTENT I’d give it a 9. The content is varied and interesting. Articles provide fascinating looks into everything from Native American portraiture to making double exposures using Photoshop. The Google ads, though, interupt the flow of the articles because they are placed right smack in the middle of each article. He covers eyebrow-raising topics PG style such as “Nude Photography 101” with a poll asking readers if they’ve ever photographed anyone in the nude. Last, he has useful info such as the post, Top 50 Photography Websites.

WRITING I’d give it a 10. This guy is funny and, at times, irreverant. With lines such as “Of course, with the modern world’s paranoia about nudity, it’s not easy to know where to begin…” you get a look at not only the subject of photographing subjects, but also the feelings that will be encountered by both photographer and viewer about the subject. The writing comes with a lot of thorough research into a topic. Take, for example, the post, Food Photo Tricks. He lists every trick in the book for making food look yummy, some of which will make you lose your appetite. In essence, turns out to be an opportunity to play with food. What fun!

OVERALL I’d give the blog a 9.5. You’ll get carried away reading this blog, spending nearly an hour reading it. That’s way more time reading than with many other blogs.

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