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Default Photos in MySpace

myspace_profile_pageToday I ran across a term I hadn’t heard of before–the default photo. Evidently, a default photo is the photo used to identify yourself on MySpace.

Just in case if you were struggling to figure out how to find and change your profile (default) photos, I’m going to spill the beans here:

To insert or update a default photo in Profile 2.0, MySpace’s new profile-building platform, go to My Profile>Customize Profile and click on the Edit Basic Information icon (it’s a picture of a pencil and paper) where it says Basic Information. In the dialog box that comes up, scroll down to where  it says Photos. You’ll see your default photo there. To change it, click on the Change Photo button under it. This will take you to your My Albums page. Click on an album. Your pictures will appear with empty circles under them. Just pick the image that you want as your default, then click Done. Oh, when the dialog box disappers, click on Publish on the far top right window of the Module page.

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