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Glenn Losack: Photography’s New Conscience

LosackI had the opportunity to interview Glenn Losack,  M.D.  after a Facebook friend referred him to me. One of his themes of his photographs–symmetry–caught my eye because I have a chapter in my newest book, 101 Quick and Easy Secrets to Create Winning Photographs, devoted to symmetry. He’s both a psychiatrist and a photojournalist. What a combination! His photos have appeared in National Geographic and American Photo magazines.

His story is incredible:

1. What made you think of symmetry as a theme for a photo show (his Symmetry photo show appeared at Solas Gallery in New York City. It ends June 7)?

I  discovered that “SYMMETRY”  brought forth numerous  fascinating subliminal, metaphorical, psychological and cultural  themes that weren’t evident in the original images [images before they were processed in Photoshop].   Symmetry also  enhanced the asthetic beauty of images. I found that it didn’t work for many images, but those that were “symmetrizable” successfully,  I  felt needed to be made public  to instill intellectual analysis and discourse.

2. What image editing program do you use?

PHOTOSHOP CS4  the absolute KING of all applications. It is one of the greatest inventions of the modern era.

3. How long does it take to make an image?

I can spend hours on an image. Some  I work on for days  until I am satisfied.  The average time is about a few hours. The real truth is an image is never finished. You have to though call it quits when you think you’ve gotten the point across.

4. What’s your favorite image?


An impossible question to answer.  There are so many of them. My catalogue is close to 8000 images.
The two that come to mind is one that is owned by YOKO ONO ( the wife of John Lennon ) and the other made it into National Geographic.

5. What statement are you conveying in your image?

I have several goals with my photography. I am a devout advocate for the downtrodden, disenfranchised,  scapegoated, handicapped, beggars of the world, etc… ( Please go to the web site and peruse  INDIAN BEGGARS).  I have photographed in India for the last 20 years. I have photographed Leper colonies, mental hospitals, beggars of all types, self mutilating religious festivals, cremations, and many other subjects that the West have never seen or know very little about. I try to  make my work on the disenfranchised palatable for my audience so that their first reaction is not one of  shock or denial. I try to give the downtrodden honor dignity and respect.

Trained as a psychiatrist/medical doctor, I  attempt  to understand the inner world of my subjects; their personalities, their  eccentricities and many times  the  oddities of humanity fascinate me. Basically I am trying to help my audience look at what is in general difficult to look at.

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts, ideologies and photography with you.

Glenn’s Web site is at http://www.glennlosackmd.com.

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