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Blog Review Monday

askphotoToday I review “Ask the Photographer,” a site strong on helping out all photographers in a variety of genres. On the Home Page you’ll find a prominent “featured” article. On this given day it’s entitled, “Tutorial, Photoshop for 70 basketball portraits in two days.” Initially looking at it, I have to scratch my head and ask just exactly what does that mean. Have no fear though, as there’s a short description of the featured article right below the leading headline and photograph.

Once you click on the headline to get to the article, you find that the writer, Dustin Snipes, has a stash of some very good equipment. As he says, “To get a hard look, you have to have a hard light,” he does. When filming basketball players for this post he used Alien Bees Ab800 backlights. He also has fill lights and background light. Oh, the joys of having good lighting equipment!

Going back to the Home Page, the avatar, “Ask the Photographer” really is too small, but the rest of the page looks super–balanced elements, contrasting, matching colors and simple sans serif fonts. At the top of the page are tabs for About Us, Ask a Question, Forum, Glossary and Photoblogs.

Most interesting of the bunch is “Ask the Photographer,” a place where you can, well, ask a photographer a question (by email)–any question about photography. They specify, “ask about anything from general photography advice, to photoshop tips, to business tips–the sky’s the limit! No question is too big or too small.”  The questions and answers are given by clicking Questions in the links that are listed at the bottom of the Home Page. The questions are not only answered, but a book is promoted in the process: “101 Things Every Photographer Should Know.” Boy, that sounds familiar. As I recall I’m in the process of writing a “101 Quick and Easy Secrets” photography book series. Oh, what competition!  Other items in those links are: Featured, Link of the Day, News and Rumors.

Great design continues on the Home Page where there is a scrolling list of selected posts, each with a thumbnail pic and a short description of what’s in the post. The images are riviting!

Overall a great site. I’d give it a 10! It’s worth at least a half hour of your time.

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