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101 Quick and Easy Secrets for Using Your Photographs Is Finished

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So what is this book all about?

Here’s the TOC (that would be Table of Contents in the publishing world).

01 Prepare Your Photos for Use

Maintain your computer so you don’t lose image files.
Crop photos to make them look better.
Attach photos/groups of photos to email to send pictures (including the largest sizes you can send for each service)
Store your photos online.
Store your photos and backups properly.
Organizing photos in your computer.
Manage your photos in iPhoto.
Manage your photos in Picasa—Windows Live
Use Image processing programs to tweak your photos.
Resize your photos for different uses.


02 Post and Share Your Photos Online

Post and Share at Flickr
Share Using Picasa and Picasa Web Albums
Post and Share photos at Shutterfly.
Post and Share photos at Photobucket.
Post and Share photos at Image Shack.
Create a MySpace photo album.
Create a Facebook photo album.


03 Share your Photos with Your Family and Community

Host photo nights where you share photo slide-shows.
Join a photography meet-up group online.
Take an online photography class
Become a member of the daily photo blog group.
Make a family tree Web site with photos
Create a Family photo Web Site.
Make a photo collage.
Use Memory Cards Reader to Transfer Photos


04 Printing Prowess

Print Anywhere with Portable Printer
Choose the Right Paper for Making Prints
Get the best printer for the price.
Print with the printer the pros use.
Learn Color Management for great color photos.
Change your Photos to Black and White
Maintain Your Printer
Outsource your printing.
Blow up your prints to wall size


05 Scrapbooking Bug Gocha

Photography and Paper Scrapbooking
Try Digital Scrapbooking
Download Digital Kits for your Photos.
Use Photoshop/Elements filters to make art from photos.
Sort your photos into themes for your scrapbook.
Look at What Other Scrappers Have Done
Organize your Scrapbook Album
Paper Scrapbookers Supplies Galore


06 Photo Blog Heaven

Start a blog with images and text on Blogger.
Start a blog with images and text on Typepad
Start a photo blog with images on Aminus3
Get people to view your blog.
Compose a photo essay for your blog.
Choose photos that tell a story for your blog.
Discuss camera settings for your photos on your blog.
Post retro family photos on your blog.
Post your travel photos while you are on a trip so people can see where you are.
Build a moblog


07 As Pretty as a Picture Frame

Put your photos in a digital picture frame.
Frame your photo using a frame purchased on the Internet.
Frame using acid-free mats.
Recycle thrift store frames for your photos.
Frame Your Photo Online
Frame Your Photo in Photoshop


08 Make Big Bucks Selling your Photos (and Donating them too)

Sell your photos to online microstock photography agencies.
Copyright your photos.
Sell your photos as postcards.
Sell your photo designs at Zazzle.com
Sell photos to Regional Magazines
Donate your framed photos to charitable institutions (and get tax deductions).
Sell your photography on ebay.
Sell your photography on Craigslist.
Sell your photos at an art/street fair.
Sell your framed photos at an café, art gallery or consignment store.


09 Personal Accessories

Put your photos in a traditional photo album.
Put your photos on coffee mugs.
Iron your photos on t-shirts.
Business cards
Burn your photos into a gift CD.
Create a greeting card using photos of your family. iphoto
Creating a Greeting Card Online


10 Get Published

Make your photos web-ready.
Make your photos magazine-ready.
Enter a photography competition
Write a how-to photo book
Self publish a photo book using Blurb or mypublisher.com.
Submit photos to the big-time magazines and newspapers for publication.
Make your photo get noticed on Google
Use bighugelabs to publish photo posters, jigsaw puzzles, comic book captions and more.


11 Promote Yourself

Build a Web Site that Respects Your Budget
Know What you Want on Your Web Site
Let Others Know about Your Web Site/Blog
Use Twitter
Create a Print Photography Portfolio
Make a Google Knol
Pound the Pavement


12 Slideshows

Make a movie from your slideshow using iMovie
Make a Movie from your Images using Windows MovieMaker
Make a slideshow using Picasa
Put your slideshow on YouTube.
Put your slideshow on your Blog.
Use Slide.com to Make a Slideshow
Make and Share your Slideshow at Slideroll.com
Show your slideshows on TV.


13 Film to Digital
Sort through your Old Photos to Prepare for Scanning
Scanning Prints, Slides and Negatives
Get your photos, including negatives, professionally scanned.

You can preorder at Amazon.

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