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Madonna Inn

madonna_innI think one of my favorite places in California is the Madonna Inn. It’s candy for a food photographer. The cakes are luscious pink as is the sign (see picture). The interior is high camp, fit for a queen.

The sign, which was erected in the 50s is a shade of pink that some would say is hard on the eyes. Here pink makes its point–stop here and we’ll pamper your senses with food and fun.

The place, which is on Highway 101 near San Luis Obispo, was built in 1958, which is why every detail is gorpy (I say that in a nice way) retro. (Mid-century design many times went over the top in getting people off the roadway and into their business). The place even has rock rooms and waterfall showers. Every nook and cranny from the lobby to the swimming pool is a interior design surprise that will either make you cringe or awe, depending on your taste.

Don’t leave there without having a piece of pink cake and take a picture of it to practice the art of photographing food.

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