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My First Concentration Camp

Work Will Set You Free

Work Will Set You Free

Just got back from Berlin. Spent two weeks there. Everywhere around the city are memorials to Holocaust victims. No one place has the power to see the terror upon which one human puts on another than at a concentration camp. I visited Sachsenhausen about an hour’s subway ride from Berlin.

Even though it was over 65 years ago, the air is filled with a grisly sense of death. After you get off at the last station of the Berlin S1 line, you can walk about 35 minutes from downtown Oranienburg to the death camp. The walk is a must as you see a false normalcy in a town, which, I believe, shouldn’t be there today. Cute residences lie in the path to the  camp, summer flowers abound.

Once you get there you find a vast emptiness, empty buildings, watchtowers and a striking modern memorial. Up and down walls are stories of the Jews who died there. Read one after another and your heart sinks in sadness.

Capturing the theme of the place–Work Will Set You Free–on an iron gate at the camp’s entrance spells out the harrowing era of Hilter.

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