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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Five Best Digital Photography Information Sites on the Web

It’s Blog Review Monday and I’ve combed the Web to find the best resources for improving your digital photography. You’ll find hundreds of digital photography tips by visiting these sites. You’ll learn about composition, camera settings, light, focus and more. If you want a complete guide to digital photography, pick up the book, 101 Quick […]


I aimed my camera down this Old San Juan street to show perspective. The yellow line adds a bright color to the frame. Notice how things get smaller as you move back into the frame. This gives depth to the frame. The shot is sharp throughout, which means is it has a large depth-of-field. You […]


The nice thing about Hollywood, CA is the people who dress up as cartoon characters. There’s a Spiderman, Superman, and, posing in the picture on the left, Supergirl. I found her not in front of Gruman’s Chinese Theater where these superheros usually hang out, but in the mall next door at Highland Center. She was […]