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Five Best Digital Photography Information Sites on the Web

10_best_digital_photography_sitesIt’s Blog Review Monday and I’ve combed the Web to find the best resources for improving your digital photography. You’ll find hundreds of digital photography tips by visiting these sites. You’ll learn about composition, camera settings, light, focus and more.

If you want a complete guide to digital photography, pick up the book, 101 Quick and Easy Secrets for Using Your Digital Photographs.

Here are the sites:

1. DP Tips Central–Digital photography basics, composition techniques, masters of photography.

2. Cambridge in Color–Interactive tutorials about exposure, focal length, aperture,  bit depth, histograms, noise dynamic range and more.

3. PhotoNotes–Dictionary, articles, camera equipment reviews and blog.

4. Bob Atkins Photography–Canon camera and lens reviews, digital photography news and articles.

5. Ken Rockwell–Nikon, Canon and Leica reviews, articles and gallery.

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