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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Blog Review Monday

There’s one interesting blog that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you like history and photography. The blog is AmericansuburbXCALIFORNIA. The blog is a creation of Doug Rickard, a son of a preacher as he states on his author page. The blog features articles and essays about photographers that were published in the past few decades, […]

Smiling Horses

Now how often do you think about horse teeth, or horse dentists even? I played around with these animals for a couple of minutes until I finally caught them smiling at each other (I guess that’s what they’re doing). You can never second-guess animals. They do what they do, and we as humans will never […]

Bicycle Home

Can you imagine having all of your belongings on a bicycle? We’re the only country in the Western world where you’ll see something like this. In Europe there’s a social safety net so there aren’t very many homeless people, much less homeless people whose houses are their bicycles. This shot came out sharp because I […]

Street Prayer

Caught this image a couple years back in Bangkok. I like it that people pray on the streets there. One great thing about traveling the world is that you get to see people participate in prayer in all of its various forms and styles. I’d have to see that prayer is very photogenic. Some of […]

Over-the-Shoulder Shot

There’s one type of shot in photography that’s rarely discussed in terms of portraiture.  It’s a method of shooting that’s ubiquitous in film and television production.  It’s the over-the-shoulder shot. The over-the-shoulder shot adds life to portraits. When you take a head shot of one person, you get very little in terms of the relationship […]