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10 Tips for Great Scrapbook Photographs

Take photographs with items that match in color.

Take photographs with items that match in color.

Photographs inevitably end up on scrapbook pages. It’s just a given. So why not take the best photographs you can? Here are 10 tips for those scrapbookers who are photographically challenged.

1. Match colors in the frame of your photograph.

2. Include a recently purchased item in your photograph.

3. Include old family photos in your scrapbook. (Here are my grandma and some pals in the 60s.)

4. Fill a frame with objects/people/animals of the same color.

5. Use Photoshop/Elements to put a frame around your photo.

6. Use photographs where the time when the picture was taken is given away in the frame.

7. Include peaceful pictures of the ocean.

8. Include only your shadow in the frame.

9. Take extreme close-ups of your friends and family or a flower.

10. Take pictures of carnival rides, leaving your shutter open a long time.

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