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Blog Review Monday

americansuburbXThere’s one interesting blog that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you like history and photography. The blog is AmericansuburbXCALIFORNIA.

The blog is a creation of Doug Rickard, a son of a preacher as he states on his author page.

The blog features articles and essays about photographers that were published in the past few decades, galleries of famous twentieth century photographers, videos of famous  photographers’ work,  photography theory essays and photographer interviews.

The Home Page is set up more or less like a blog, except there aren’t visible dates on the entries. You can find an interview with Diane Airbus with images, an article about Henri Cartier Bresson and other photographers of the 20th and 21st centuries from around the world. 

Finally, the site has a great page of links. From 1000 Words Photography to Art Forum, the websites you’ll find here are at least a day’s worth of reading (if you like art, that is).

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