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Everyone’s Talkin about the Canon 7D

canon_7DThe Canon 7D is here. First the price–it’s $1700. Not bad for an 18 MP camera that shoots HD video. Only drawback is that the camera does not have a full frame sensor (24X36mm). Its sensor is an APS-C (15X22.5 mm). Full frame sensors have better resolution than APS sensors.

When you buy lenses for this camera, you have to multiply the focal length of the lens by 1.6 to get the 35 mm equivalent focal length you are shooting at. For example if a lens is 200 mm the focal length will be 320 mm, quite an advantage if you’re looking to zoom into your subject closely.

One good thing about smaller sensors is that the produce less vignetting (corners don’t darken as much as they do with full frame sensors).

Canon is touting the camera’s iFCL Metering as metering that provides “accurate exposure even in difficult lighting.” The camera shoots at up to 6400 ISO (expandable to 12,800). Just in case if you were wondering expandable means that the camera uses software to determine ISO and not it’s internal mechanisms like it would at 6400 and lower.

The camera also has automatic sensor cleaning, shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 sec and built-in flash.

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