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Mapplethorpe Flower Imitation


Robert Mapplethorpe was one of the most controversial photographers of our time. I can remember back in the 1980s when he photographed AIDS patients in the last stages of the disease, covered with the ominous, raised, purple blotches of Kaposi’s Sarcoma on their skin. To my knowledge there are no images of these on the Internet.

Aside from photographing the ravages of AIDS, Mapplethorpe also photographed naked people various poses, some even performing sexual acts. There is one aspect of Mapplethorpe’s photography that is often overlooked–his photographs of flowers.

Robert Mapplethorpe was perfectionist. Everyone of his flower photos is perfect in its detail, color and composition. He often used dark-colored backgrounds, backgrounds that today are easy to make in Photoshop. The background on the flower to the left was created in Photoshop. The contrast is vivid between background and flower. You can see this technique as shot by Mapplethorpe in this flower.

Mapplethorpe is one of some thirty odd master photographers that I’m covering in my book, 101 Quick and Easy Secrets taken from Master Photographers of the Twentieth Century.

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