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Shadow of Man

Man casts shadow in front of door.

Man casts shadow in front of door.

Shadows play a vital role in your shots. They can enhance an image, from giving it added dimension to having it communicate added feeling.

Shadows can disrupt an image too. They can get in the way of what would otherwise have been a gorgeous shot. Just as lighting can change from moment to moment, so can shadows. They can disappear when the sun goes behind a cloud, only to come back dark and unruly.

Creating a compelling image with shadows takes time and experience, but once you know the tricks, it’s easy to tame them so that they work well in your photography.

Notice the man and shadow that was taken in Cappadocia, Turkey in the figure to the left. It’s unusual in that it’s stretched out horizontally instead of vertically. With this effect the shadow of the man’s nose shows up clearly.

A picture like this can be had if you look carefully at the shadows that are being cast around you. A picture of a man in front of a door is good. A picture of a man and shadow in front of a door is better.

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