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Shoot Candidly at Night from a Car

cat_in_a_carWell then. Here’s a cat in a car. This candid photo op came to me via Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA. This image is a perfect example of what you need to do to shoot candidly at night from a car.

Usually I hate using flash, but I didn’t want to risk not getting a sharp image with this one.

Three things happened here for me to get a good shot:

1. I directed the driver to catch up to the car with the cat in it. He obliged reluctantly.

2. I set my camera ahead of time on auto shoot with flash (I was using a Canon Digital Rebel XT).

3. I asked the person sitting near the window to roll it down.

4. Then I got lucky (luck has a lot to do with candid photography). The car I was in was stopped right next to the car with the cat in it.

5. I shot four images, all of the coming out sharp. This wouldn’t have happened if I used a high ISO speed without flash. The image would have turned out soft because not only I was shaking, but the car was too ever so slightly.

It truly is amazing to find a cat in the driver’s seat (well, almost).

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