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Smiling Horses

horse_teethNow how often do you think about horse teeth, or horse dentists even? I played around with these animals for a couple of minutes until I finally caught them smiling at each other (I guess that’s what they’re doing).

You can never second-guess animals. They do what they do, and we as humans will never figure it out. That’s what baffles me. I want so bad to know what animals are thinking, if they even think at all.

Since these animals were moving quite a bit I used my trusty ole fast lens (yeah, that one you’ve read about here before, the f/2.8).

If you’ve got a pet, I’m sure you can relate to this post. You’ve probably thought about how your pet thinks and whether he is smarter (or dumber) than other animals, or even if he’s part human or takes on human qualities. I know I do, and just as I know that these horses are happy.

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