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Writing a Persuasive Message to Sell a Book

Anyone who’s written a book knows that it can be a hard sell.

I believe if you craft a message that persuades people they have to click on the link to buy the book, you’ll sell thousands.

Composing an effective message needs to be thought out carefully. You have to plan a purpose and then keep focused on it and define your audience.

When you know the characteristics of your audience (ages, gender, nationality, needs and wants) you can then be creative in drafting your message.

Your creative strategy can be asking an open-ended question, making a statement which your audience will agree with and/or complementing your audience.

Finally, you must recognize beforehand objections our audience might have with your pitch (tactic used to sell something or persuade someone). People will come up with time and money constraints or may just be complacent. You can state in your messages that by buying the book, your audience can save time and money, and then specify how.

Take a look at the following pitch. Can you see how I’ve included some of the techniques described above?

Some of the best times of my life are when I’m out photographing the world. There’s so much going on, and much of it can be captured by the camera’s lens. You just have to look carefully at everything around you to get a compelling composition.

In the book 101 Quick and Easy Secrets to Create Winning Photographs there are a multitude of techniques given to assist you in developing an artful eye. From becoming cognizant of the shadows around you to blending multiple interesting elements in a frame, you can become a photographer who takes winning photos.

The techniques you learn in the book makes photography artfully fun, entertainment that can last hours as you seek out all of the imagery life has to offer. Please order the book and enjoy the 101 secrets that will make you a brilliant photographer.

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