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10 Things Picasa Can Do For You

picasa_screenshotDo you have photos that are everywhere on your computer—so many places that you can’t seem to find what you want? If that describes you, the best solution for viewing your photos is Google’s Picasa. It’s a program you download onto your computer that automatically scans your hard drive for folders with images in them, sorts them by date (or other parameters), and displays them in a window on your computer. To get the program, go to picasa.google.com.

Here are 10 things Picasa can do:

  1. Picasa lists folders handily by the date they were created, listing the most recent folders first. The program can categorize the folders/pictures by the year they were taken, listing the most recent year first.
  2. The contents of folders can also be sorted by name or by size (Folder > Sort By).
  3. When you open Picasa, you’ll see a list of folders in a frame on the left side of the window and the images in that folder on the right. You can click and drag one or more photos from the right frame and put them into any folder on the left.
  4. Unlike in iPhoto, when you move an image from one folder to another, it is eliminated in the folder that you’re moving it from and inserted into the new folder. The image also will be moved on your computer.
  5. If you want to delete an image, you select it in the right frame and press the Delete key. You can select more than one photo by holding down the Apple key on a Mac or the Ctrl key on a PC.
  6. You can move photos into an album in Picasa (File > New Album). When you do, your photo is copied to the album, and the original remains where it was.
  7. Picasa gives you some great info about your pictures and/or folders. For images, it gives you the name of the image, the date it was created, and its size in pixels. For folders, it gives you a range of dates from the date the first image was created to the date the last image was created.
  8. You can  search images by typing the name of the file or image into the Search field (that has the magnifying glass in it) at the very top right of the Picasa window.
  9. Picasa has a face recognition system where the program can find all the pictures of people you have in a folder. If a folder has images of people in it, a face button will appear among the other buttons right under the picture of the folder and the folder name. When you click on the face, all of the images with faces on them will appear.
  10. You can create collages and slideshows with images from any one folder.
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