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Car Window Reflections

car_window_reflectionIf you happen to be out and about looking for a couple of good photo ops, don’t forget to check car windows as you pass them.

I caught this one in Berlin last summer. It was glaring at me as I walked by. Fortunately I had my camera (I always do when I’m traveling) and I was able to get a good shot at it. Another thing going for me in this shot is that the reflection is on the back window of a taxi cab. That just adds little extras to the shot (like the yellow and black “Taxi” sign on the roof and yellow stickers on the window).

One other nice thing about this shot is I got my background out of focus. I did this because I shot at a wide aperture (f/4).

Do you have any good taxi cab shots? If so, send them over (matthewbam@aol.com) and I’ll post on this blog.

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