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How to Make a Collage in Photoshop

collageAs early as the 1920s, Alexander Rodchenko was pushing out photo montages for books, propaganda and advertisements. Rodchenko was an artist who became popular during the Russian Revolution (when the Soviets came to power).

His artistry can be compared to no other photographer of that era. He assembled (cut and pasted) pictures from magazines along with pictures he had taken to make the collages.

In order to do the window montage shown on the left, I first opened each window image and used the Skew (Edit>Transform>Skew) option to make the converging lines vertical.

Next, I created a new document (6X9 at 300 dpi) and made it grayscale (Edit>Mode>Grayscale) Since that is selected, each window image I drag into the new document will automatically turn to black and white. I opened each window image and copy and pasted it from the open document to the new one.

For each image, I then selected it and then scaled it down (chose Edit>Transform>Scale, and then clicked and dragged the image inward) to approximately where I wanted it.

After I was finished with all of the images, I opened the Layers Palette. From there I tweaked each window so it fit together with the one below and beside it so that there was no white space in between.

Finally, I inserted the woman in the same way: opened her up, selected her with the Polygonal Lasso Tool then copied and pasted from the document I was working in to the new document. One more thing—I converted the woman to sepia tone. I made sure she was selected in the Layers palette, then I converted the image back to RGB color (Edit>Mode>RGB Color), then slide the red Color Balance slider (Image>Adjustments>Color Balance) to the right until I got the amount of red I wanted.

That’s it, just don’t forget to flatten your image (Layer>Flatten Image) when you’re finished.

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