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Nikon Coolpix 1000pj has Built-in Projector

Nikon point-and-shoot has built-in projector.

Nikon point-and-shoot has built-in projector.

What will camera manufacturers think of next? I mean a projector inside a camera? What’s this all about?

It’s true; not only does this camera have a projector, it’s also powerful. With a resolution of 12 MP, those images on the wall must  be really sharp. Well, according to the Boston Globe, the wall images have good color, but not great contrast. At $429, the camera’s not a bad deal, but I’d still opt for a dSLR for $100 to $200 more. The small sensors in point-and-shoots never can compete for picture quality with the larger-sensor dSLRs.

Hmm, Nikon’s site is telling me that the camera has image stabilization; motion detection (camera adjusts shutter speed, ISO automatically for a better picture; I’d rather do it myself, thank you); ISO speeds up to 400 and some sort of best shot selector, which has the camera taking a set of 10 shots while the shutter release is pressed down, picking the best one (gee, these cameras are smart). The thing’s got a movie camera, too, not to mention a rechargeable battery (hey, I’m almost sold on this).

The real question in my mind is does this camera have manual controls. I mean can you adjust aperture and shutter speed?  Sorry, folks the answer to that question is nowhere to be found. You’ll just have to buy the camera and see.

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