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repetitionRepetition in photography is often called echoing. When you echo objects, you show them repeating over and over again. Echoing creates a kind of mystical feeling. If you’ve got echoed shadows in the frame all the better. In this shot, you’ve got echoing of both the chairs and the shadows that they cast.

There are some 50-odd chairs in this photo, but when you look at it, it has you thinking that there are many more–hundreds, perhaps thousands. That’s because they fill the frame and go on in every direction.

Since something is being echoed many times you’ve got a pattern. There are many elements to this pattern from the repeating backs of the chairs to the shadows that are cast upon the seats.

Have you got a good shot of repeating objects you want to share? Got a great repeating shadow shot. Just send to matthewbam@aol.com and I’ll post on this blog.

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