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Santa Monica Pier

Fishing at Santa Monica Pier

Fishing at Santa Monica Pier

Nothing like a photograph that tells a story. This is a guy who caught a fish on Santa Monica Pier. The pier is all that’s LA wrapped into a giant deck over the water.

This has to be the best pier in the world. It’s a street party that stretches 1600 feet out into the ocean. There are street performers everywhere you look, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments.

The Santa Monica Pier opened in the early 1900s. You can tell it’s age by the Art Deco sign (built in 1940) that stretches over the entrance. The pier is 1600 feet long. In the 70s the pier was set for destruction, like so many other piers up and down California’s coast. Angry protests from the locals stopped that plan in its tracks.

Today, there’s a small amusement park at the end of the pier that’s great for the kids. And, yes…there’s fishing! Don’t forget to bring your camera, either as the photos ops are not to be missed!

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