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Which is Better Film or Digital Photography?

Image taken with 35 mm film.

Image taken with 35 mm film.

I’ve gotten to thinking about film—all kinds of film from 35 mm to 4X5 to 8X10. One thing is for sure, no digital camera is comparable to 8X10 film. A 16 MP full-frame camera is the equivalent of 35 mm film.

If you compare 35 mm film with a full frame sensor on comparable camera models, and blow up both image, the digital photograph is going to be better both in the detail and the color (according to a test of both mediums by the Gadget Show).

After viewing hundreds of images of both on the Internet (many of them high resolution), I’d give the award to film, especially if it’s done in large format. It’s the large format film that helped to make the master photographers of the twentieth century great.

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