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Book about How to Emulate Famous Photographers

My new book 101 Quick and Easy Ideas Taken from the Master Photographers of the Twentieth Century (see link to the right) is off to the printer. The cover is also done.

I’m posting here. I think the publisher did a great job in designing it (the publisher is Cengage Learning).

I’ve been informed that preorders for the book are brisk. There’s nothing like hearing that type of news.

The cover picture was taken in Paris (isn’t that the place where all good shots can be had?). If you ever get to that city take your camera to the giant Farris wheel. You can get wow shot of it from far away, close up and while you’re riding it.

The nice thing about that city is you can photograph it when it’s cloudy and get gray hues that you’ve never seen before (especially at sunset).

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