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Grand Turk

bahamas_girlsNow here’s a spot in the middle of nowhere. You might not call it the end of the earth, but it sure looks like it. It’s Grand Turk an island owned by Britain, that’s desolate and downright depressing.

Traveling here on the Oosterdam has been a pleasure, and the island, while downtrodden and bleak, does have it’s photo ops. Take this pair of girls for example. The mother wasn’t phased at all when I asked to take their picture. The little one seemed a bit put off, but the big one was more than pleasant.

Now what would you do if you were an island girl no more than 5 years old if a guy with shoulder-length frizzy hair asked to take your picture with a white rectangular thingy-magiggy that looks as if it came from a spaceship?

The answer is you’d look like the little girl in this picture–freaked out!

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