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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Panama Canal Lock

Going through the Panama Canal ion a cruise ship is fascinating.   This is a lock where water entered to raise the ship, the MS Oosterdam, up one level to prepare it for entrance into the lake, which is above sea level on it’s way from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean. You really can’t feel […]

People Reading

Andre Kertész spent the better part of his life taking photographs, many of which were of people reading. A book of photographs, On Reading, was published in 1971. Just as Kertész’s photographs show people totally absorbed in the reading process, so, too, does the image of the reader to the left. The reader’s gaze into […]

Droid´s Camera Competes with iPhone´s

The Droid is out, has a 5 MP camera, costs $199, creating stiff compitition with the iPhone GS, which costs the same and has a 3MP camera. Decisions, decisions.  If you´ve already got Verizon, you´ll be getting a cheaper contract than you would with ATT´s iPhone. While Apple´s camera has touch focus and Droid doesn´t, […]

Grand Turk

Now here’s a spot in the middle of nowhere. You might not call it the end of the earth, but it sure looks like it. It’s Grand Turk an island owned by Britain, that’s desolate and downright depressing. Traveling here on the Oosterdam has been a pleasure, and the island, while downtrodden and bleak, does […]

Medium Format Digital Camera Is a Whopping 56 MP

I just ran into an interesting article about new medium format digital cameras coming out this month. Until I read this article, I thought I had a fairly decent camera, a 12 MP Canon D5 with a full frame sensor (35 X24 mm). Now I read that there is a Mamiya DM56 that’s coming to […]