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Girl in Red Rides Merry-Go-Round

Whenever I see a merry-go-round my panning instinct comes up. As the merry-go-round goes round and round I spot a person to focus on and follow him/her with my camera. In order to do this I have to decide how to set my camera.

Since it was a cloudy winter day in Spain, I knew I could shoot in aperture priority mode using a narrow aperture to get the subject sharp and the background (the merry go round) filled with motion blur). Since the aperture was small,l I knew that the shutter speed would be just long enough to blur the background.

This picture would have been difficult if not impossible to take if the sun was shining on the merry-go-round in summer time because no matter the aperture would be the shutter speed would probably never be long enough to blur the background.

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