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Blog Review Monday

Haven’t done a blog review in awhile. The last one was of the blog, AmericansuburbXCALIFORNIA.

Today, I move on to the cool and funky Dudecraft. I had this site bookmarked several times because of its offbeat content.

The blogger, Peter Overton, blogs daily and introduces himself with a note that he has not made his octogenarian neighbors happy because he has a lawn that makes them want to call the authorities.

His blog is set up with the traditional blogger format, a post a day listed chronologically on the page. I’m amicable to that format because I’m so used to it and my previous blog, Digital Traveler,  used not only the same format, but also the same template.

Peter’s  post today involves art made with dust bunnies, a very creative find of awesome (a word Peter is partial to) works of found art (art that’s made from found objects).

I can relate to his writing because it’s similar to mine. He interjects his own opinion and past experiences into almost all matters– subjects relating to technology and art. He has a knack for finding content that ranges from nerdy to odd. One post that caught my attention is his link to the  Pancake Project blog, which eventually brings you to a breakfast called “Leggo Eggo” that looks as if it contains a waffle head connected to a body that spills out cherry guts.

Occasionally the blog delves into photography concepts. His post about shadows leads you to a striking combination of street art integrated into shadows. That post makes me want to carry a piece of chalk around with my camera.

This is the blog for right-brain thinkers and their pals. I’d give it a 7/10.

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