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Lone Man in Paris Cafe

If you’ve ever been to Paris before and walked around the city, you’d know that there is a chain of cafes called Indiana.

What were they thinking when they named these cafes? Indiana’s got to be about the most boring state in the United States.

I could see, maybe naming it Louisiana, California, New York, Florida as at least those states are known for something. Many all over the world have heard of a Louisiana bayou, a New York State of mind, a California dream and a Florida sunshine tree. The only think Indiana has associated with it is the song Gary Indiana, and from what I’ve heard that’s not a pretty place.

Enough musings said: I really like this photo because, yes, of the name of the cafe (who’d think of Indiana while they’re in Paris) and those rosy red chairs.

Last, but not least,  is the lone man sitting in front of the cafe. His crossed legs top off the picture like  a cherry on an ice cream sundae.

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