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Madrid Madness

“Mad” not a word I use much anymore. “Annoyed,” “irritated” and “pissed” just somehow describe the mental state of anguish so much better. After all, only dogs get mad. That’s what I remember being told after I said “mad” when I was a kid.

After today, though, I’m intent on using that three letter word because it describes my reaction to a series of events that that has taken place over the last two days.

Before I go into it I need to come up with the lyrics of a song from the play Oliver!

Dear old gent passing by
Something nice takes his eye
Everything’s clear, attack the rear
Get in and pick-a-pocket or two.

I can say that being a photographer keeps my mind occupied, most of the time–so occupied that I’m not paying attention to what’s around me. At times, I’m even catatonic. With creative thoughts dancing in my head, I pay attention to nothing.

Before I know it, I’m surrounded by young lads. One lets me know to hold on to the bar above. I decline his request and a few moments later I’m bumped without realizing it. About an hour later when I’m shopping at El Corte Ingles I realize my wallet is missing. I become a dog with a rough growl, barking to my pals that I’ve been pickpocketed.

So what was I shopping for in El Corte Ingles? Why clothes to replace those that were in my missing baggage, which left my watch only yesterday.

You see,  fabulous British Air misplaced my baggage–a double whammy of misfortunes.

On the bright side, my iPhone remained in my other pocket, my guess is because it was unreachable to the thief.

Believe it or not this is the subway train I was robbed on. I took the picture moments before it happened–with my iPhone.

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