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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Stick ‘Em Up at Tamale Fest

Every year Indio, CA celebrates it’s tamales. Yes, that’s right a celebration of those pipin’ hot, savory corn wraps with delectable fillings, ranging from pumpkin and raisins to chicken and peas. This gun totin’ guy, a mascot-of-sorts, walked around on stilts with a female friend. I asked him to point the gun at me to […]

Acapulco Dream

There’s nothing better than the color of a tropical sky minutes after the sun has gone down. The lights are turned on, the sea reflects, the palms are silhouetted against the sky. This is Acapulco in all of its heavenly glory, looking like a paradise that’s merely an illusion. To be sure, most of Acapulco […]

Scrapbooking 101

Scrapbooking and photography go hand-in-hand. Usually a scrapbooking page is made with a couple of photos. The photos used can be anything from a snapshot of the family to a compelling landscape photograph. It just depends on the photography experience of the scrapbooker. Many learn the two hobbies simultaneously. Some get so good at both […]

Blog Review Monday

Haven’t done a blog review in awhile. The last one was of the blog, AmericansuburbXCALIFORNIA. Today, I move on to the cool and funky Dudecraft. I had this site bookmarked several times because of its offbeat content. The blogger, Peter Overton, blogs daily and introduces himself with a note that he has not made his […]