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Railroad Tracks and Telephone Wires

Man-made elements such as telephone wires and railroad tracks are plentiful around the world. Shooting them so that they are the sole subjects in the frame creates an interesting picture of how we humans live. Railroads carry goods; wires carry power. That’s the story of our lives–goods and power, the essence of the human spirit if you chose to look at it that way.

Power lines and railroad tracks provide photographers with the opportunity to sketch with lines. In this photo, the railroad track meets the horizon, encountering a set of  horizontal power lines that cross the sky.

In the early 20th century Tina Modotti was the creator of a frame of power lines that stretch tightly through the sky–thin vertical lines, graceful and bare. When Modotti shot the power lines, they were new and fresh.

To many power lines and railroad tracks seem  antiquated and stale, nevertheless,  their beauty doesn’t go unnoticed.  Photographers all over the world still shoot these relics as if they were just built yesterday.

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