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Scrapbooking and photography go hand-in-hand. Usually a scrapbooking page is made with a couple of photos. The photos used can be anything from a snapshot of the family to a compelling landscape photograph. It just depends on the photography experience of the scrapbooker. Many learn the two hobbies simultaneously. Some get so good at both that they are making money through online platforms, giving tips and advice about how to get better at both hobbies. A great example of this can be found at the pioneerwoman.com. She’s got an incredible grip on both hobbies (not to mention being a savvy writer), so much so her website is hit on by millions. In this chapter, I’ll integrate the two hobbies so you can delve into both.

Here’s a scrapbooking page I made from old family photos taken in Miami where I grew up.

Here are some pointers about the page that you can use if you’re a beginning scrapbooker:

*            Tilt the pictures. Notice how corresponding pictures in the bottom and top rows are tilted opposite from one another. I did that so there would be better balance on the page.

*            Build paper frames for your pictures. However, this was not necessary on the old pictures I used because they were printed with frames.

*            Have at least a little bit of text on the page. In the case of “Florida,” one word is worth a thousand pictures. The word reminds people that the pictures were taken in Florida.

*            Use textured background paper of uniform color (which is usually less than $1 a sheet). You don’t want to have a cluttered background. Many papers have very busy backgrounds. To be sure, some like this and can get away with it if the foreground and background colors complement each other match, but personally I don’t care for it.

*            Don’t overdo the stickers. A couple on a page is enough.

*            Overlap images artfully. Notice how the top and bottom rows of images overlap differently for additional balance in the page.

The content of this page is copyrighted and comes from the book 101 Quick and Easy Secrets for Using Your Digital Photographs.

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