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Selective Focus Photography

If you have a group of flowers you want to photograph and want some of the sharp and some of them soft all you have to do is use the widest aperture setting on your camera (f/2.8 is good) with the zoom all the way in (200mm). You’ll probably have to step away from the flowers you are focusing on  a bit to get them in focus. You can get a similar effect with a point and shoot camera configures so that the lens is zoomed in at the camera’s widest aperture.

I used the camera settings and technique mentioned above to photograph the flowers to the left. I shot with  a Tamron 70-200mm lens at 200mm with the f/stop set at f/2.8. It took awhile to get the flowers in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement (two sharp flowers at the top of the frame and three soft flowers at the bottom).

What’s interesting about this shot is the out-of-focus flowers are in the foreground, making for a different kind of flower photograph. I selectively focused my camera lens on the two red flowers so that both the foreground and background were soft.

Just in case if you wanted to know, these beauties were found in the garden of a cafe near Big Sur, California.

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