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Stick ‘Em Up at Tamale Fest

Every year Indio, CA celebrates it’s tamales. Yes, that’s right a celebration of those pipin’ hot, savory corn wraps with delectable fillings, ranging from pumpkin and raisins to chicken and peas.

This gun totin’ guy, a mascot-of-sorts, walked around on stilts with a female friend. I asked him to point the gun at me to get this piece of serious art.

The Tamale Fest is one of the top ten food fests in the U.S. of A.  Over a hundred thousand people come to taste the Mexican treats, which are served from booths that line the streets.  If the tamales don’t satisfy you, the Mexican Folkloric dancing and  live entertainment will.

Just in case if you wanted to know the camera settings for this shot were f/4.5, 1/2500 sec, ISO 400 at 200 mm.

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