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What’s the Canon Rebel T1i all about?

There’s a great review about the Canon Rebel T1i on the Hardware Secrets website.

Folks, this is the camera to get if you’re considering upgrading from a point-and-shoot. However, I would get only the camera body. The lens that comes with the kit–an EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens–is subpar as far as I’m concerned. I’d recommend a Canon 17mm-85mm.

The Rebel T1i’s a great camera. The Rebel name is a powerhouse in the photography world. I still have and use my Rebel XT.

If you’ve got nearly $600 to pay for this camera, you won’t be wasting a dime.

The camera has pop-up flash, Program, Tv (Shutter-priority), Av (Aperture-priority), M (Manual), CA (Creative Auto) and A-DEP (Automatic depth-of-field).

You might not recognize the CA mode. That’s because it’s new with this model camera. When you set the  Mode Dial to the “CA” setting, a screen appears on the LCD monitor with a variety of controls that you can set. The controls are Blurred to Sharp Background; Darker to Brighter Exposure Compensation; Selections of Picture Style such as Smooth skin tones, Vivid blues and greens, and Monochrome image; Image Quality and Drive Mode.

The camera also has a Live View button so that you can take your picture by looking at the LCD screen instead of the view finder. Finally, the camera shoots video, a feature which is definitely a step up from the older Rebel models.

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