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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Imogen Cunningham Went for the Details

Imogen Cunningham had an interest in patterns and form, which began with her close-up images of Cypress tree trunks along the Central California coast. After a zoo visit in the early 1920s, she undertook a study of the animal. She discovered the abstract black and white pattern of the zebra. In one of her photos […]

The Helicopter

Here’s a little piece of modern architecture in Palm Springs, CA, home of some of the best modern architecture in the world. This shot came about when I aimed my camera at the helicopter you see in the frame. I didn’t have a telephoto lens on my camera when I took the shot, so you’re […]

Desert Floods

The rain just won’t stop. Hello from Palm Springs, CA, a desert city that’s very wet. It hasn’t stopped raining for days. This is Demuth Park in Palm Springs, CA. A lake has formed at the park’s southern end. Quite remarkable seeing as this is supposed to be a desert. Nearly 4 inches of rain […]