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Barcelona’s Best Street Performers

If there were a contest for the best street performers on the famed Las Ramblas in Barcelona, this couple would have to win.

At any time of the day or night you can run into nearly a dozen steet performers on Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Usually their bodies are covered from head to toe in hand made materials that make up their costumes.

I’m not the only blogger who writes about these performers’ imaginative feats.

If you’re rambling down Las Ramblas, make sure you have some euros to drop in the performers’ baskets. When you do they’ll usually perform a tiny skit. (These people in bed, however, did nothing when I dropped a euro coin in their basket.)

These performers along with the kiosks that sell birds and other creatures, have made the huge median strip in between the roads of  Las Ramblas a top tourist attraction.

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