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Monthly Archives: January 2010

My Mother

What good is a blog without a picture of mother. Here she is in the 1950s. Don’t know how old she was then, but I’m guessing in her late 20s. My favorite part of this retro image is the diving board that she leans against. I can remember as a kid almost all pools had […]

Barcelona from a Rooftop

See what a 2 second exposure can do from a Barcelona rooftop? I set my camera to 2 seconds in shutter priority mode (Tv on Canon cameras). The camera determined the aperture, which was f/10. The December night I took the picture it was unusually warm with clouds wisping up and down throughout the sky. […]

Skateboarding’s Not a Crime

In front of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona are dozens of skateboarders doing their thing. They spend much of their day in the air as part of their bag of tricks, which are performed on an ongoing basis. In order to catch and stop the action, I use my Canon 5D camera with […]